Seeking the Intelligent Data-Physics Integration for Complex Engineered Systems

Energy Storage Systems | Porous Media | Lightweight Metals | Biophysical Systems

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  • [Webinar] I will help to organize the EASF Webinar Season 4

  • [Talk] I am honored to deliver a talk in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on 12/01/2021!

  • [Teaching] I delivered a 3-hour lecture at Brown University on Electro-Chemo-Mechanics.

  • [Meeting] The Annual Review Meeting of our MIT Industrial Battery Consortium was held on November 9 & 10.

  • [Talk] I was honored to be invited by Professor Yue Qi at Brown University to deliver a talk to her group and the Sheldon Group. A lot of smart questions and inspiring discussions!

  • [Publication] Our Perspective paper on 2nd-life batteries is now online!

  • [Publication] My co-authored paper on RNN-based model of battery structure is online in Int J Plasticity!

  • [Meeting] The 2021 Interim Meeting of our Industrial Battery Consortium was held on June 16 (Eastern US & Europe) and June 17 (Western US & Asia).

  • [Publication] Our paper on deep learning of plate theories is online in CMAME!

  • [Recruiting] Our team is looking for a Postdoc Associate to work on machine learning for solid-state batteries.

  • [Guest Editor] I am co-editing an article collection in the journal Frontiers in Energy Research on the topic of "Physics-Based and Digital-Twin Modelling for Electrochemical Energy Storage."

  • [Webinar] I will host a webinar for the Engineering and Applied Science Forum (EASF) on the topic of "Data-Driven Modeling of Batteries", 04/02/2021

  • [Webinar] I'm honored to give a talk today at the NREL Workshop on Machine Learning for Batteries03/25/2021

  • [Publication] Review Article on microstructural modeling of electrodes in Adv Energy Mater03/18/2021

  • [Webinar] I gave a talk at Texas A&M Ocean Engineering03/17/2021

  • [Publication] Our work on the mechanics of pure lithium published in Acta Materialia02/22/2021

  • [Publication] Perspective paper on data-driven safety published in Joule 01/05/2021