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Juner Zhu

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Northeastern University

Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Center for Battery Sustainability 

Wei Li

Associate Research Scientist

Postdoctoral Associate, MIT, 2019-2022
Ph.D., Tsinghua University, 2019
B.S., Hunan University, 2014

Wei has been working with Juner since 2020 on a variety of topics covering Li-ion battery safety, data-driven modeling, Scientific Machine Learning, and Li-metal anode. In our group, Wei assists Juner to oversee ALL the research projects and provides technical support to EVERYONE in our group!

Royal Ihuaenyi

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2023
M.S.,  Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University, 2019
B.S., Kazan National Research Technical University, 2017

Royal leads multiple battery safety-related research projects in our group, specializing in state-of-safety, damage mechanics, polymer testing, and composite materials.  

Ruqing Fang

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D., Tsinghua University, 2023
B.S., Tsinghua University, 2018

As an expert in electro-chemo-mechanics, Ruqing expores the fundamental physics that governs the degradation and failure mechanisms of energy materials ans systems. 

Jihun Song

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D.,  Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), 2023
B.S.,  Changwon National University, 2017

Jihun is an expert in microstructure-resolved modeling and single-particle electro-chemo-mechanical tests of battery materials.

Junning Jiao

Ph.D. Candidate

MEng, National University of Singapore, 2022
B.S., Dalian University of Technology, 2021

Junning is working on the electro-chemo-mechanics of lithium plating.  

Amin Kazem Ghamsari

Ph.D. Student

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Concentration in Materials), University of South Florida, 2023
B.Sc. in Mining Engineering, University of Tehran, 2020

Amin is working on data-driven methods for electro-chemo-mechanics.   

Ardra Sreedevi Ashok

Master student 

MS in Energy Systems, Northeastern University, Expected 2024
B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Kerala, 2015

Ardra is working on battery reliability under extreme loads.

Mukul Bondade

Master student 

MSc. in Energy Systems, Northeastern University, Expected 2025
B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, B.M.S. College of Engineering, 2022

Mukul is working on battery pressure management.

Yong-Hwan Choi

Visiting scholar

Hyundai Motor Company

Yong-Hwan is working with us on battery safety modeling and management.

Georgios Vassilakis

Third-year undergraduate student, AJC Merit Research Fellow
Applied Physics major with an Astrophysics concentration and minors in Mathematics and Data Science

George is currently working on the development of a physics-informed neural network surrogate model for SSBs. He has a strong interest in the integration of new ML techniques to drastically improve older methods in both Astrophysics and Battery research. He plans on pursuing an astronomy/physics Ph.D. with goals of becoming a researcher/academic!

Nitinmanish Vallabhu

Undergraduate student of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Nitin is working on foam materials for battery health management.

Lucas Tang

Undergraduate student of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Lucas is working on battery material characterization and developing micro-level tests on single particles with Ruqing. 

Xinyu Yang

Undergraduate student of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Xinyu is interested in battery safety and management. He is assisting Dr. Ruqing Fang in developing a new mechano-electrochemical technique for battery assessment. 

Junhan Shen

Undergraduate student of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Junhan is interested in the early detection of internal short circuits of Li-ion batteries. 

Undergraduate trainees who are temporarily in their co-ops or have not been assigned to a project yet.