We held the 2024 Summer CBS Steering Committee Meeting
06/13/2024 @MIT

After the Steering Meeting, we had a lunch meeting with CBS friend, Prof. Tomasz Wierzbicki
06/14/2024 @Legal Seafoods Kendall Square

Strawberry Picking!

Strawberry Picking!

Zhu Group Members at conferences in the 1st half of 2024 

Dr. Ruqing Fang @ 245th ECS Meeting, SF, USA, 05/28/2024

Dr. Royal Ihuaenyi @ Cell Symposium on EVs, UMich Ann Arbor, 05/21/2024

The Zhu Group at NEW.Mech 2024. Dr. Ihuaenyi won the Best Lightening Talk award!

2024 Spring end-of-semester group lunch @ NEU faculty club

Last Bai-Zhu Group Meeting in 2023 & Christmas Lunch

We enjoy the beautiful weather in a fruitful season with our group and our families

From left to right: Nitin, Junning, Juner, Ethan, Royal, Sasha, Le, Wei, Ruqing, and Yichen. October 8th, 2023

We introduced our research to NU undergraduate students in the SOURCE (Showcase of Opportunities for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor) Event

Dr. Ruqing Fang, photo taken on 10/5/2023

Junning Jiao, photo taken on 10/5/2023

Junlin completed his 2-month visit in our group

Photo taken on 09/15/2023

During his visit, Junlin developed a method of using the concept of "joint entropy" to quantify the amount of information conveyed in a mechanical test.

First group lunch celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

From left to right: Paul, Zonghui, Junning, Wei, Juner, Ethan, and Rurun. January 20th, 2023

Our Group Held the Battery Sustainability Workshop 2022 on the Boston Campus of Northeastern

2022 NU Energy Systems Society's Eight Annual Conference

Juner joined the Panel Discussion on the Reliability of Energy Storage to exchange ideas with NU students and industrial experts