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  • [Webinar] I'm helping to organize the EASF Webinar Season 4 this Spring Semester.

Engineering and Applied Science Forum for Ph.D. students, postdocs, and young faculties. Link to the website

  • [Publication] Our Perspective paper on 2nd-life batteries is now online! 08/21/2021

E-mobility, especially electric cars, has been scaling up rapidly because of technological advances in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). However, LIBs degrade significantly with service life cycles. With the current increase in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), a large volume of retired LIB packs, which can no longer provide satisfactory performance to power an EV, will soon appear. Various end-of-life (EOL) options are under development, such as recycling and recovery. Recently, stakeholders have become more confident that giving the retired batteries a second life by reusing them in less-demanding applications, such as stationary energy storage, may create new value pools in the energy and transportation sectors. In this perspective, we evaluate the feasibility of second-life battery applications, from economic and technological perspectives, based on the latest industrial reports and technical publications.

  • [Publication] My co-authored paper on RNN-based model of battery structure is online in Int J Plasticity! 07/20/2021

Thanks are due to Dr. Thomas Tancogne-Dejean & Prof. Dirk Mohr for the nice work!

  • [Meeting] The 2021 Interim Meeting of our Industrial Battery Consortium was held on June 16 (Eastern US & Europe) and June 17/18 (Western US & Asia)! 06/18/2021

Two sessions were held virtually. One was with colleagues in the Eastern US and Europe, and the other was with colleagues in the Western US and Asia. There are more than 70 registered participants from all our sponsors (Apple, AVL, Hyundai, Murata, Tesla, Toyota North America, VW/Porsche/Audi) and other interested companies (Aperam, Cummins, Honda, GM, Mercedes-Benz North America, Magna, Metalsa, Renault, Revian, Stellantis, etc )

  • [Publication] Our paper on deep learning plate theories is online in CMAME. 05/24/2021

Click here for your 50 days' free access to the paper.

  • [Recruiting] Our team is looking for a Postdoc Associate to work on machine learning for solid-state batteries. 04/26/2021

Please send me (zhujuner at a CV if you are interested.

Please keep these submission deadlines: 27 July 2021 for Abstract and 22 November 2021 for Manuscript

  • [Webinar] I will host a webinar for the Engineering and Applied Science Forum (EASF) on the topic of "Data-Driven Modeling of Batteries", 04/02/2021

There will be three exciting talks from MIT and Imperial College London. Come and join us on Sunday at 9 am EST with this Zoom link!

  • [Webinar] I'm honored to give a talk today at the NREL Workshop on Machine Learning for Batteries, 03/25/2021

My talk is entitled "Safety-Focused Modeling of Li-ion Batteries: Physics-Based Models, Data-Driven Approaches, & Their Intelligent Combination." The recorded video of the talk is here.

  • [Publication] Review Article on microstructural modeling of electrodes in Adv Energy Mater, 03/18/2021

Our review article entitled "Guiding the design of heterogeneous electrode microstructures for Li-ion batteries: microscopic imaging, predictive modeling, and machine learning" is just accepted by Advanced Energy Materials today. This a joint paper of UConn, Bazant Group, NREL, UCL, and the University of Pisa. Please check out our paper when it is online available!

  • [Webinar] I gave a talk at Texas A&M Ocean Engineering, 03/17/2021

Today, I gave a talk at the Texas A&M Ocean Engineering Seminar, entitled "Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Li-ion Batteries: from Physics-Based to Data-Driven." I was joined by around 70 faculties and students. I also enjoyed the fundamental discussions after the talk!

  • [Publication] Our work on the mechanics of pure lithium published in Acta Materialia, 02/22/2021

Our paper entitled "Large-Deformation Plasticity and Fracture Behavior of Pure Lithium under Various Stress States" is accepted by Acta Materialia, the leading journal in metallic materials engineering and sciences. This study is a joint work of our team, Tasan group @ MIT DMSE, and Lian Group @ Aalto. Special thanks are due to our visiting student Tobias Sedlatschek! This study has been presented at several conferences, including the 2020 SES Technical Meeting, in which we won the "Most Watched Video Presentation" Award.

  • [Publication] Perspective paper on data-driven safety published in Joule, 01/05/2021

Our Perspective paper entitled "The Application of Data-Driven Methods and Physics-Based Learning for Improving Battery Safety" is accepted by Joule, the leading journal in the energy field. This is a joint paper of our team, NREL, Tsinghua, and Imperial College London. Thank you Donal for leading this paper!