Seeking the Intelligent Data-Physics Integration for Complex Engineered Systems

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  • We have two PhD positions starting in 2023 fall.

  • Dr. Zhu co-founded the Center for Battery Sustainability with Profs. Martin Z. Bazant and Richard D. Braatz! We are now accepting industrial members.

  • Dr. Zhu is awarded the Haythornthwaite Foundation Research Initiation Grant by ASME Applied Mechanics Division.

  • Paul Van Trotsenburg, Ramya Kulkarni, and Zonghui Li joined our group to work on batteries sustainability and safety.

  • Dr. Wei Li will join Northeastern as an Associate Research Scientist, starting 01/01/2023!

  • Junning Jiao joined the group! She will be our first PhD student. 09/02/2022

  • Dr. Zhu officially joined Northeastern Univ. today! 08/22/2022

  • Dr. Zhu will join the faculty of MIE at Northeastern Univ. as an Assistant Professor this fall. 05/13/2022