Seeking the Intelligent Data-Physics Integration for Complex Engineered Systems

Energy Storage Systems | Porous Media | Lightweight Metals

What is "Data-Physics Integration"?

2-min Video Introduction

45-min Seminar

Physics-Guided data-driven approaches

Physics-Informed Neural Networks

Data-Driven Battery Safety Envelope

Data Mining with Advanced Experimental Techniques

In-situ test of Pure Li

In-Situ SEM

Ion Beam Milling & Imaging | Micro- & Nano-CT

Microstructural Reconstruction

Nanoindentation of Electrodes

Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Energy Storage Systems

Multi-scale Modeling of Li-ion Batteries

Standardization of Battery Safety Tests

Structure-Property Relationship

Solid-State Batteries & Li-Anode

Fighting climate change

Assessment of Batteries for Reuse

Next-Generation Batteries for Green Flight
(Image source: NASA)

Offshore infrastructures

Expansion of Downhole Tubes

Cyclic Loading of Tube Materials