Focus Areas

Electro-Chemo-Mechanics | Batteries | Scientific Machine Learning

FA I. Safety & Health Assessment of Li-ion Batteries

Representative publications

  • Reviews: [9] on safety-focused modeling; [27] on microstructure-resolved modeling; [30] on battery reuse and recycling.

  • Experimentation: [33] on standardization of cell-level tests; [14] on micro tests of battery materials; [15] on plastic deformation of porous electrodes.

  • Computation. [20] on data-driven model; [19] on detailed finite element model; [24] on homogenized FEM; [21] on microstructural model.

Current sponsors: MIT Industrial Battery Consortium (2020-2022)

FA II. Interfacial Characterization of Solid-State Batteries

Representative publications

  • Li metal mechanics: [25] Sedlatschek, et al. Acta Materialia. 2021

  • NMC-SE interfaces: [34] Singh, et al. In preparation

  • Li-SE interfaces: [36] Li, et al. In preparation

Current sponsors: NASA, MIT Industrial Battery Consortium
Sponsors in the past: MIT-Indonesia Seed Fund

FA III. Scientific Machine Learning for Mechanics of Energy Storage

Representative publications

  • Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINN): [28] for elastic plates

  • Energy-based Deep Operator Learning (DeepONet): [35] for phase-field theories.

Current sponsors: NASA